Development Feasibility


Macxon TPD carries out Feasibility Assessment at the beginning of the development process in order to quantify the potential outcomes. Development success depends upon ensuring the feasibility of a project from its inception, in line with town planning regulations, construction economies and all relevant statutory requirements shall ensure that the development process travels as smoothly as possible.

Master Planning


Master Planning to the real estate development context facilitates an overall optimised concept design layout for a proposed development area. It facilitates a guided development in consideration with relevant statutory norms. Various design elements planned in this process include buildings, allied facilities, parking, driveways, open spaces, utilities and services. It shall ensure an optimum utilization of physical and economical resources appropriately and effectively. The process shall incorporate adequate facilities, infrastructure and other requirements to best meet the identified needs of the current and future needs of the community with a multi disciplinary team involvement.

Statutory Planning


Any development on a land in urban and rural areas requires various statutory approvals, which is a significant process for a successful project. Maxcon TPD provides complete statutory planning and approval services to support specific project needs.

Maxcon TPD has thorough understanding and up-to-date knowledge on town planning approval process related with CMDA, DTCP, PPA and various other statutory authorities such as: revenue, traffic, fire, PWD, highways, TNEB, NH, railways, environmental & pollution control, CMWSSB, Airport / Air Force etc.

Other town planning services include: land use conversion, layout / subdivision, wet land conversion, appeal to the Government, obtaining completion certificate (CC), regularization, solutions to Urban Problems and client advocacy etc.

Real Estate Development


Maxcon TPD provides extensive services to real estate development, irrespective of project size. Scope include, feasibility analysis, land procurement, concept design, investment and return analysis, legal verification, due diligence of documents, provision of infrastructure facilities, land development & project / construction management etc.

We have the knowledge on recent development, market trends and experience to ensure that investment on a development is a successful one.



With the increase of globalization, we have witnessed various barriers that are being faced by investors, developers, architects & other consultants for the timely delivery of projects, in a customised process. It takes much time to establish overall objectives of the project in coordinating with consultants, contractors and vendors.

In order to save time, cost and energy, Maxcon provides one-stop ‘design-build’ professional services for any sizeable property on a fast-track. Scope include from concept to completion, i.e., preparation of concept, detailed architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, contracting, construction management of civil, structure, electro-mechanical, interior and landscape works etc. At every stages consent of the client will be obtained and periodic progress will be reported. Being handling with a single-sourced responsibility, ensure time saving (about 20% -30%) and cost saving (about 15-20%) in design-build process.

Joint Venture


Maxcon has wide contacts with investors, developers and land owners at various levels. We create a joint venture opportunities with appropriate partnerships. We ensure enormous advantages to all parties involve, avoid time delays and surprises; and increases productivity.

Sometimes this service includes sourcing of land, then creating a project, which would include processing of various statutory planning permission applications, in order to bring a project onto market. In other situations, it may be advisable to purchase a complete land and construction package from an existing developer, providing a more straightforward and faster route to the market.

Project Management


Project management is a holistic role of managing a project in a scientific way, starting from conceptualization through completion of the project, in line with established project objectives. Major challenges are managing the client, consultants, contractors, vendors and finance; sometimes include marketing.

Maxcon take a proactive lead role in coordinating with client, architect, engineers, contractors and vendors and consolidate relevant technical input on time during project development process. This includes: pre-feasibility analysis, setting project programs, team coordination, reviews, achieving defined tasks, liaisoning with consultants and relevant government agencies for expediting statutory approvals for ensuring timely project delivery.

Allied Services


Maxcon has association with various relevant service providers such as: topographic survey, architectural and engineering disciplines: geotechnical, environmental, structural, electrical, plumbing, quantity survey, landscape, legal, revenue, finance, estate agent, and graphic design etc. To save time and convenience to the client, we shoulder responsibility of executing relevant services directly from the above service providers on specific request.

Maxcon has association with various allied service providers such as:

• Topographic survey • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) • Value engineering • Negotiation and due diligence • Geotechnical • Legal / Revenue / Finance • Planning / research to urban issues • Socio-economic impact assessment • Architectural & engineering design coordination • As-built drawings • Land Use Conversion, Layout approval, MSB Declaration, MSB / Group /Special Building Approvals, Regularisation, Appeal to the Government for Relaxation etc. • Legal matters and client advocacy • Pre-Construction Approvals / Liaisons services / Construction Completion certificate. • Post-construction Approvals • Land Procurement / Documentation etc.

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